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Corporate Governance

The modern concept of corporate power holds that the rights of the participants as well as the conduct of the enterprise must be the subject of managerial discretion. Yet from its beginnings, this pure and beautiful concept has been put under constant assault by hostile parties with hopes toward supplanting corporate sovereignty with democratic processes. Over the years, cynics of the free market have succeeded in carving away the divine rights of corporations, forcibly subjecting us to regulation by democratic institutions while wrecking havoc on consumer-corporate trust through reprehensible propaganda.  As an immensely successful corporation, ExxonMobil has become a lightning rod for the criticisms of cynics and delusional idealistic do-gooders. However, we have responded to these challenges by renewing our commitment to producing quality public relations and reeducation programs aimed at winning the hearts and minds of the masses.

But behind the battle for brand recognition and public trust is an even more important fight; a fight for the hearts and minds of those men and women elected to represent and serve public interests.  Welcome to the front lines of corporate governance. At ExxonMobil, we've learned the hard way that public representatives sometimes feel the obligation to act on public interests, that's why we faithfully believe in courting potential public representatives with lavish gifts and campaign contributions. The marriage of industry interests with public policy is what we're after. And once hooked, we always respect the sanctity of the politician / lobbyist relationship.

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ExxonMobil Corporate Citizenship



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